Nancy Snobelen Award of Excellence in Research – Organization

The Nancy Snobelen Award of Excellence in Research – Organization is presented to an organization that has contributed in a significant way, or on an ongoing basis to the creation, utilization and/or participation in research that supports or informs practical nursing in Ontario; and whose efforts have optimized and/or advanced evidence-informed RPN nursing practices. The recipient of the award will receive:

  • A plaque presented at the WeRPN Annual General Meeting (AGM) acknowledging the organization’s commitment to research.
  • A $500 award to be directed by the recipient organization for initiatives that support involvement of RPNs in research.

Each year the Awards Committee will review all nominations submitted and select one recipient for this award. The nominee must have:

  • Engaged in research activities, e.g., promotion of and knowledge mobilization of nursing research.
  • Contributed in a significant way to practical nursing research in Ontario.
  • Exhibited a spirit of inclusivity and encouragement of the RPNs within the organization’s research activities.
  • Demonstrated how the impact of RPN research within the organization has enhanced the organization’s practice in relation to the interprofessional team environment and the community it serves.

The nominations must be submitted in the Award Template and include:

  • The name of the organization.
  • Background information — include the mission, vision, and values of the organization and how it engages in research.
  • Promotes nursing research – includes how the nominee promotes nursing research within the organization, the nursing profession and in the health system.
  • Contributes to RPN-specific research – includes how the nominee demonstrates engagement of RPNs to identify, develop and conduct RPN-focused research.
  • Mobilizes research knowledge – includes how the nominee contributes to research knowledge translation, dissemination, and/or implementation.

Nominator may provide references or other documents, such as letters of support from various stakeholders, testimonials, published articles, etc., that support the nomination as supplemental documents to the nomination. This information may be provided by the individual or the nominators.  Nomination forms should not exceed 3 pages excluding supplemental materials.

Nominations submitted for The Nancy Snobelen Award of Excellence in Research – Organization must be received by WeRPN no later than Wednesday, July 31, 2024.

The nominator and recipient will be notified by September 1, 2024.

The award presentation will occur in October 2024.

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2024 Nancy Snobelen Award of Excellence in Research – Organization

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