Nursing Now Ontario Awards

In its third year, these awards celebrate exceptional nurses and build upon the goals of the Nursing Now campaign, a global initiative aimed at improving health around the world through nursing.

Three Ontario nursing organizations – WeRPN, RNAO, and ONA have joined together to champion these awards.

The annual Nursing Now Ontario Awards recognize three nurses in the following categories: a registered practical nurse (RPN,) a registered nurse (RN) and a nurse practitioner (NP) for their contributions to nursing practice and the health and well-being of Ontarians.

The work nurses do each and every day to improve people’s health, deserves recognition and celebration. In the past year in particular, COVID-19 has revealed to all of us how resilient Ontario nurses are and their enduring commitment to ensuring people receive the care they need despite the obstacles a global pandemic presents.

The deadline for nominations is Friday February 25, 2022 with the awards being presented during Nursing Week 2022.