2024-2025 Call for RPN Research Fellowship Proposals

WeRPN is inviting applications for two co-sponsored one-year RPN research fellowships. The purpose of the research fellowships is to:

  • develop opportunities for RPNs to build applied research knowledge capacity and capability in “real-world” contexts,
  • facilitate a culture of curiosity and clinical practice improvements, and
  • nurture confidence and competence in leading small-scale research studies for RPNs.

*” Each RPN research fellowship grants are up to a maximum of $12,500 with an in-kind sponsorship 30% contribution to a maximum of $3,750

Click here to review our Guidelines for details about the application process. Applications can be submitted online beginning November 3, 2023, and closing on April 2, 2024. Your application submission must occur all at once. You are not able to “Save” your application and come back to it later. Do not click the Submit button until your application is ready to your satisfaction and complete. If errors or corrections are required before the April 2, 2024 deadline, please contact: awards@werpn.com

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