Employer Award of Excellence

The objective of this award is to recognize and honour an employer that has demonstrated outstanding
achievement in: improving the utilization of registered practical nurses (RPNs) in innovative and creative ways; creating a multi-disciplinary team environment for all health care workers and; maintaining a safe, respectful and empowering work environment where RPNs can work to the fullest of their knowledge, skill and judgment.

This award will recognize the recipient by:

  • Providing an opportunity to acknowledge and recognize the contribution made by the recipient’s
    employees in improving its corporate culture and the health care provided to its clients;
  • Enhancing the image of the organization from the perspective of its staff, the local community and the province by publicizing the initiatives being taken to improve performance;
  • Providing an opportunity for the selected organization to profile its performance, and therefore its attractiveness to sponsors and investors and;
  • Allowing for the endorsement and recognition of the recipient’s management practices and improvement initiatives.

The recipient organization will receive:

  •  A plaque presented by WeRPN acknowledging the organization’s achievements;
  •  A $500 charitable donation to be directed by the organization.

Process: Nominations must be submitted for The Employer Award of Excellence through the online form below and must be received by WeRPN no later than Wednesday, July 31, 2024.

The award presentation will occur in October 2024.

The nominator and organization will be notified by September 1, 2024.

Nominations will be evaluated for:

  •  Innovation and creativity in designing a positive health care environment in which RPNs practice within the organization;
  •  A spirit of inclusivity of the RPN within the organization, including in its governance structures;
  •  The impact of the organization’s multi-disciplinary team environment on its health outcomes;
  •  The results of RPN-related initiative(s) from the perspective of the organization and the community it serves;
  •  Feedback from various stakeholders, including employees, board members and clientele; and
  •  The potential of the selected organization to inspire other care environments.

Please direct all inquiries to awards@werpn.com

2024 Employer Award of Excellence

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